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            Stunt Service: (818) 774-3889

       SAG                                   6' 3"    235 lbs.
          U.S. Passport
         Film & TV:                      Role:                                Production Info:  
               THOR                                       Stunt Performer                         Andy Armstrong

               The Green Hornet                   Stunt Performer                         Andy Armstrong

               Edgar Floats (pilot)                 Stunt Driver/Thug #1                 Manny Perry

               Numb3rs                                   Stunt Driver                               Peewee Piemonte

               House M.D.                              Stunt Double                              Jim Vickers

               The Mentalist                            Stunt Performer                        Joel Kramer
               Without A Trace                       Stunt Performer                         Don Ruffin
H        Life                                             Stunt Driver                                Manny Perry
           Desperate Housewives           Stunt Rider (Motorcycle)           Wally Crowder
           Eleventh Hour                           Stunt Fight Double                    Andy Armstrong

         Life                                            Stunt Driver & Double               Manny Perry
House                                        Stunt Driver                                Jim Vickers
           Sarah Silverman Prog.            Stunt Driver                                Phil Culotta

           Dragon Age (VG)                     Stunt (Mo-Cap)                          Joe Perez

           Mass Effect 2 (VG)                  Stunt (Mo-Cap)                          Blur (direct hire)

           House of the Wolfman             Stunt Performer (creature suit) Joe Perez
           Classified                                  Stunts & Rigging                       Jeff Lewis
           Tetris Dreams                           Stunt Performer                        Charlie Perrish
           Shark                                         Tech Advisor - Police               Adam Davidson
           Numb3rs                                    Precision Driver                        Matt Sigloch
           Jericho                                       Driver & Weapons Specilist    Matt Sigloch
           Women's Murder Club             Arresting Takedown                 Karl Sonnenberg
           Chuck                                        Weapons Fire / Villain              Matt Sigloch

Cloverfield                                 Weapons Fire / Military           Matt Reeves

Special Ability & Training:
"Advanced Instructorat Bob Bondurant Racing School -  Taught Stunt, Executive Protection & Adv. 4 Day RoadRace

"Lead Instructorat Barber Driving Experience - RoadRace, Stunt, Executive Protection

PRO AMA Road Racing - "30 years of riding motorcycles" - MX, SM, Roadrace, Street

Police Officer - Reserve - OXPD CA. Trained with SWAT

Professional Rescuer Trained - OXPD

Acting & Cold Reading - Rick Walters - Theater Craft Los Angeles

Film Fights                                Creature Suit                                      Kick Boxing
Advanced Gun Handler           Motion Capture (Mo-Cap)                 Ratchets (have own harness)                     
Knife Fighting                           Horse Riding                                       SCUBA PADI cert.
Butterfly Knife flipping             SWAT Tactics (OXPD 3 years)         Swimming
Low Falls                                  Assault Rappelling                              Advanced Rollerblade
Snow Ski (18+years)              Inverted Rappelling                             Modern Military Tactics

Car & Motorcycle Skills:  15+ years

DRIFTING                                     "PIT" maneuver                                      Near Miss
Pipe Ramps                                  Car Jumps                                             Car to Car Hits & Ramming
180* & 360*                                   Box 90* parking                                    360*s all directions                      
Box 90* & 180* parking               Road Block Ramming                          Pro Road Racing Motorcycle
Pro Road Racing Car                   Motorcycle Street/Dirt                          Wheelies & Slides     

Craig & Nicollette on Desperet Housewives:


Craig & Manny Perry on LIFE:




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